The nature bathroom style. (Part I)


Stop global warming with decorating your bathroom

Currently everyone are awareness to the global warming. It is very important, so the bathroom decorate with concept merging between nature and technology like smoothly. This will be useful to the residents and help to reduce the power consumption that will affect to global warming as well. The bathroom decorative with the principle of nature there are two models:.

1. Decorated to close with nature. This model you can see the outside environment and touch the natural such as wind and sunlight to fully.

2. Decorative by have the natural blend in the room, such as bringing a tree like Fern, bonsai or orchids, etc. And the natural material such as pottery or stone. This concept is used with the residents that do not want to change the toilet in the current very much.

The favorites of natural bathroom style are 3 styles.

1. Balinese style.

2. Spa-style.

3. Resort style.

For the detail of each style, you will found on part II.

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