Thailand : The Greenery Resort Khao Yai #4


Decorations collection

Large vase & bin
Pathway view, Picture and vase
Light Horn

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Thailand : The Greenery Resort Khao Yai #3


Toilet :  Close to natural concept

 Mountain view

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Thailand : The Greenery Resort Khao Yai #2


Lobby @ Meetings Room
Vase Rice
Baby Rice
Another one.
Feel natural
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Thailand : The Greenery Resort Khao Yai #1


Greenery Premier Room
"Spacious modern style decoration with the facilities that let you feel the real touch of nature with magnificent mountain view."

 From this side we can see the mountain view.


The pathway to lobby.
Large lamp
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Makimono display system by kenma

Plug in the side table and illuminate your living space


The Plug-in Side Table is a side table and a light. It is what you get in this good looking piece of furniture that designer Sung-Pil Hwang has created.
The side table which looks very cutting edge comes in a milky white colour.

Unique products do not always owe their inimitability to embellished designs, backed up by a hefty budget; rather they are an upshot of innovative designing leading to practical or multifunctional usage. Designer Sung-Pil Hwang has come up with an innovative piece of furniture that the users can not only employ as a side table, but also plug it in to illuminate their bedrooms or living spaces. Hailed as the ‘Plug-in Side Table,’ the furniture flaunts an exceptional design in a milky white color. Apart from offering storage space for your books or magazines and other small objects, the side may possibly juice up your small electronic devices as well. You can’t ask for more from a side table!

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Jigsaw Lamp


Jigsaw Lampshade is a self assembly lighting system made up of interlocking quadrilaterals. Lamps of various shapes and sizes can be constructed by linking together the identical elements. The Poly plastic elements is assembled together to grow to a wonderful,stylish jigsaw lamp

Finished Parts

Jigsaw Lampshade is fabulous for occasions like weddings and parties as it creates an unique and beautiful ambience in any room or space. Jigsaw Lampshade will definitely make a wonderful Christmas / Birthday / New Home-Owner present and is also suitable for anyone who is up to a mind / IQ challenge as it works in a very similar way as solving a jigsaw puzzle. You can also use Jigsaw Lampshade as floor lamps!
Small Pieces

Style & Design

There is a big variety of styles, forms and sizes you can create using your own creativity. Because of the flexible elements, both flat and sharply curved surfaces can be formed.


The openings ventilate the bulb and help diffuse the light without showing the bulb. No mounting or screws required since the elements grasp each other tightly. Simply slip in your light bulb cord and it's ready to be hanged.

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