Makimono display system by kenma

Plug in the side table and illuminate your living space


The Plug-in Side Table is a side table and a light. It is what you get in this good looking piece of furniture that designer Sung-Pil Hwang has created.
The side table which looks very cutting edge comes in a milky white colour.

Unique products do not always owe their inimitability to embellished designs, backed up by a hefty budget; rather they are an upshot of innovative designing leading to practical or multifunctional usage. Designer Sung-Pil Hwang has come up with an innovative piece of furniture that the users can not only employ as a side table, but also plug it in to illuminate their bedrooms or living spaces. Hailed as the ‘Plug-in Side Table,’ the furniture flaunts an exceptional design in a milky white color. Apart from offering storage space for your books or magazines and other small objects, the side may possibly juice up your small electronic devices as well. You can’t ask for more from a side table!

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Jigsaw Lamp


Jigsaw Lampshade is a self assembly lighting system made up of interlocking quadrilaterals. Lamps of various shapes and sizes can be constructed by linking together the identical elements. The Poly plastic elements is assembled together to grow to a wonderful,stylish jigsaw lamp

Finished Parts

Jigsaw Lampshade is fabulous for occasions like weddings and parties as it creates an unique and beautiful ambience in any room or space. Jigsaw Lampshade will definitely make a wonderful Christmas / Birthday / New Home-Owner present and is also suitable for anyone who is up to a mind / IQ challenge as it works in a very similar way as solving a jigsaw puzzle. You can also use Jigsaw Lampshade as floor lamps!
Small Pieces

Style & Design

There is a big variety of styles, forms and sizes you can create using your own creativity. Because of the flexible elements, both flat and sharply curved surfaces can be formed.


The openings ventilate the bulb and help diffuse the light without showing the bulb. No mounting or screws required since the elements grasp each other tightly. Simply slip in your light bulb cord and it's ready to be hanged.

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Asian style


Decorate your home with asian style.

Here are five tips for decorating your home with an Asian style:
1) An inexpensive decorating idea is create a great first impression. One common mistake homeowners make is their doorway and hallways are undecorated and only once you get to the living room do you see that it’s decorated in an Asian manner. Usually the rough transition takes away from the overall feel of the home. Make sure that if you’re going Asian, your house feels Asian all the way through.
2) Have just a few carefully chosen pieces of Asian art. Rather than having your walls cluttered with Asian pieces, choose just a few centerpieces that really stand out and make an impression.
3) Details are very important when you’re doing Asian style home decoration. One important piece is the textures you choose. Adding some Bamboo or Shoji to your home can really make a big difference. Make sure the fabrics you choose for curtains or bedding also matches the theme.
4) Lighting is a commonly overlooked piece of Asian decorating. The house should be well lit, but using soft lighting. This really adds to the Asian feel. Avoid harsh bright lights at all costs.
5) Finally, don’t overdo it. Asian culture is a minimalistic culture and usehandcrafted natural furniture. When in doubt, opt for a clean space with just a few centerpieces, rather than cluttering the room with too much variety. Choose just your favorite pieces of art, furniture or designs and have them really shine.

thailand style
thailand style

These are five great ways to start creating an amazing Asian vibe. The best way to know if it’s really working or not is to try it and rearrange the pieces in real time until you find the look that really fits. It may take some time, but it’s worth it. After all, it’s your home.

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The nature bathroom style. (Part I)


Stop global warming with decorating your bathroom

Currently everyone are awareness to the global warming. It is very important, so the bathroom decorate with concept merging between nature and technology like smoothly. This will be useful to the residents and help to reduce the power consumption that will affect to global warming as well. The bathroom decorative with the principle of nature there are two models:.

1. Decorated to close with nature. This model you can see the outside environment and touch the natural such as wind and sunlight to fully.

2. Decorative by have the natural blend in the room, such as bringing a tree like Fern, bonsai or orchids, etc. And the natural material such as pottery or stone. This concept is used with the residents that do not want to change the toilet in the current very much.

The favorites of natural bathroom style are 3 styles.

1. Balinese style.

2. Spa-style.

3. Resort style.

For the detail of each style, you will found on part II.

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Onkyo HT-S6300 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver/Speaker Package (with Dock for iPhone/iPod)




Redefining Cost-Performance in Packaged Home Theater

If you’re looking to flesh out your movies, games, and music with lifelike, full-blooded surround sound, look no further than the HT-S6300. Think: quality on a budget. This feature-packed system sports four of the latest HDMI 1.4a inputs to handle your Blu-ray player and other high-definition devices. Non-HD video sources, meanwhile, can be upscaled to spectacular widescreen 1080p via HDMI and Faroudja DCDi Cinema ™. HDMI 1.4a is compatible with upcoming 3D video content and enables a handy Audio Return Channel from your display’s tuner back to the receiver. Audio processing on the HT-S6300 includes the “in the studio” realism of DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby®TrueHD; Dolby®Pro Logic IIz for ambient height channels; Audyssey room-correction and equalization technologies; and four proprietary DSP modes to match your gaming content. Other Onkyo exclusives include a Universal Port for peripherals such as the included Dock for iPhone/iPod, and a new overlaid graphical on-screen display. So go ahead. Immerse yourself in Onkyo..p>

Special Features

  • Four 1080p capable HDMI inputs (V1.4a) supporting 3D video and Audio Return Channel
  • Total 1200W with a Powerfull 10-inch 290W Powered Subwoofer
  • 1080p scaling via Faroudja DCDi Cinema
  • WRAT technology and discrete amp construction for cleaner sound
  • 4 DSP Gaming Modes: Rock, Sports, Action, and Role Playing
  • Includes dedicated RI iPod dock (UP-A1) which supports the following iPods:
    • 4th Gen iPod
    • 4th Gen iPod (color display)
    • iPod Photo
    • iPod video
    • iPod Classic (80, 120 and 160GB)
    • 1st - 5th Gen iPod Nano
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen iPod Touch
    • iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS


Kaito KA1107 (Degen DE1107)


Kaito KA1107 (Degen DE1107)

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Kaito KA1107 (Degen DE1107), a recent offering from Kaito/Degen. The 1107 is an AM/FM/SW dual conversion analog portable that covers ten different shortwave bands. The 1107 is available in both silver and black.

Out Of The Box For those familiar with the popular 1103 receiver, the 1107 is the same size. The 1107 measures approximately 4"H x 6 5/8"W x 1 1/8"D and weighs 11 ounces with batteries. Included with the radio is a 14 page operating manual/pamphlet. Included also is an AC adapter, earbuds, pigtail external antenna, strap and carrying case. There are no NiMH rechargeable AA cells included.

What is Where?Front
The 77 mm speaker is located at the left front of the radio. The analog dial and pointer dominates the right side of the radio. A small LCD display for the clock is located above the dial/scale area towards the center. Controls for the clock and alarm are on both sides of the clock display. A sleep button is located in the cluster off buttons to the right of the clock. There are two switches to the right of the clock controls, for the backlight and the on/off switch. At the extreme upper right of the radio are three LEDs (power on, stereo reception and "tuned-in"). There are two switches below the LED lights on the front right of the radio. The top switch is a three position sensitivity switch (High-Medium-Low). A two position tone switch is located below that. The thumbwheel volume control is found at the front bottom right corner along with counter to indicate volume level.

Left Side From top to bottom: Carrying strap. External antenna jack for FM and SW. Headphone jack and DC input jack for the AC adapter.

Right Side From top to bottom: tuning knob, band switch and a battery charging switch.

Rear Flip stand and battery compartment.

Top The whip antenna (36" fully extended) pivots fully from the left side. It folds over to the right and locks in when not in use.
Observations on Performance

FM The FM band starts at 76MHz (where the FM band begins in parts of Asia) and ends at the end of the North American FM band at 108 MHz. Stereo reception is available via headphones.

I found that reception on the FM band to be quite good. The dial is very accurate on FM. Audio from the 1107's speakers was quite pleasing and was noticeably superior to that from my 1103 reference radio. I found that the 1107 did a commendable job in separating stations and did surprisingly well in receiving some weaker stations that are some distance from my location.

SW The 1107 covers ten shortwave bands. 75 meters (3.75-4.25 MHz), 60 meters (4.5 - 5.1 MHz), 49 meters (5.9 - 6.4 MHz), 41 meters (7.1 - 7.5 MHz), 31 meters (9.35 - 9.95 MHz), 25 meters (11.6 - 12.1 MHz), 22 meters (13.5 - 13.9 MHz), 19 meters (15.1 - 15.7 MHz), 16 meters (17.5 - 17.9 MHz) and 13 meters (21.4 - 21.9 MHz). In general, I found the accuracy of the dial to be typical of what you would expect of an inexpensive analog multi-band portable. As one would expect of a radio in this class, there is no single sideband reception.

Off the whip, during daylight hours, I was able to receive signals from shortwave stations on all bands except 75 and 13 meters. As is not uncommon at my location, the local MW station (3 miles away) has a tendency to "break through" and appear in places it shouldn't. This was true on the 1107, with the local MW station making an appearance on each of SW bands. This was not observed in night time listening tests.

Next, I plugged in the provided "pigtail" external antenna. The MW breakthrough into the shortwave bands was significantly reduced. Perhaps the radio has an amplifier following the whip which exacerbates MW breakthrough and this is not in line with an antenna plugged into the external jack. If anyone with more knowledgeable of the circuitry could confirm that there is an active amplifier following the whip, we will update this review. In any event, I found that the best combination with the 1107 on shortwave was the use of the provided pigtail antenna with the sensitivity switch on Medium.

AM/MW The dial markings for the AM/MW band descend vertically from 530 to 1710 KHz. Like most analog radios, the spacing is quite crowded at the high end. In general, I found the performance of the 1107 to be in the average category on AM/MW, in terms of dial accuracy, selectivity and sensitivity.
As with many small portables, I did find that the use of passive loop antenna gave the radio quite a boost as I could receive signals that were otherwise not perceptible.

The Display The dial/band scale/pointer display area measures approximately 2 1/4" x 2 1/4". The 12 band markings alternate between green numerals on a grey background and white numerals on a lack background. The green-on-grey is somewhat difficult to read. Use of the backlight does help some. A log scale is provided at the left of the display window. The display is very similar to that on multiband analog portables available for many years.

Power The 1107 can be powered by the supplied AC adapter or 4 AA cells. The 1107 can charge rechargeable NiMH cells in the radio. There is no battery life indicator, however unless one would choose the backlight frequently, there is every reason to believe one would experience great battery life with this analog radio.

The box does indicate that there are 3 rechargeable AA cells provided (even though the radio uses four). There were none included in the samples I received and the operating manual/pamphlet does not list batteries as supplied accessories. Perhaps there was some confusion in translation/communications which we see from time to time from Chinese manufacturers.

I did test the AC adapter. I found that it tended to provide a boost to the received signals. However, depending on the band selected, it also introduced some buzzing or humming. Analog portables tend to get extremely good battery life, so I doubt if I would ever use the AC adapter.

Other Features The 1107 provides a yellow backlight that illuminates the clock and shines through the dial scale display. The back light is controlled by an on/off switch next to the power switch.

Clock/Alarm The 1107 displays the clock regardless of whether the radio is on or off. The numerals are approximately 5/32" high. The clock displays time in AM/PM format. Sleep mode is provided and the radio can be set to shut itself between 1 minute and 1 hour 59 minutes. There is also an auto turn-on/alarm feature. The radio will turn on to the time set and shut itself down after one hour. Hours and minutes are displayed in large numerals. The seconds are shown in smaller digits.


Vintage Mapp Wall Clock

A handsome wall clock with a vintage map mounted on the face.  
Roman numerals and ornate metal hands mark the time.  Slim 
profile raises the face only " from the wall.  Map colors will 
compliment any neutral decor.  No unsightly cord dangling from 
the back as the clock runs on a simple AA battery.  Battery not 

Diameter 23.5" 
Shipping Weight 6 lbs.
Model #W1868

PRICE:  $49.90

Radio vintage


PAPAYA vintage furniture

ของตกแต่งแนว vintage ในร้าน

สำหรับคนที่ต้องการหาเฟอร์นิเจอร์แนว vintage เพื่อตกแต่งบ้านของคุณ PAPAYA เป็นร้านหนึ่งในใจของหลายคนที่อยากแนะนำให้ลองไปใช้บริการดู

ร้าน PAPAYA ตั้งอยู่ที่ ลาดพร้าว ซอย 55/2 โทร. 0-2933-0661

Papaya เกิดขึ้นจากความหลงใหลในของเก่าแก่เก่าเก็บของเจ้าของร้านเอง ที่เริ่มช้อปของเก่ามาตั้งแต่วัยเรียน จนเฟอร์นิเจอร์เก่าทั้งหลายอัดแน่นนับพันนับหมื่นชิ้น และในยามนี้ร้าน Papaya ได้กลายเป็นหนึ่งในร้านขายเฟอร์นิเจอร์เก่าที่ได้รับความนิยมในหมู่คนเล่นของเก่า เพราะนอกจากเฟอร์นิเจอร์มือสองที่ส่งตรงมาจากยุโรปแล้ว ยังมีของเก่าเก็บตกของดีในเมืองไทยอีกมากมาย ไม่ว่าคุณกำลังมองหาของชิ้นไหนในบ้าน การันตีได้ว่าที่นี่มีให้คุณเลือกสรรอย่างแน่นอน

แผนที่การเดินทางไปร้าน PAPAYA

ขอบคุณภาพจาก พระจันทร์หลังเมฆดำ